Statti - Wine tasting & Tour

Calabrian wines at the ancient Calabrian family estate

The Statti estate welcomes you to have a great experience at their estate. You will have a complete farm tour: If you come to see the olive garden, the cattle stables, or the winery, you will experience everything. You can walk through the olive groves and reach the vineyards. After you will visit the fermentation cellars and the splendid wine barell celler, where ancient and modern intertwine to make the winemaking process unique and precious. While on the tour, you can also see the oil mill and the cattle breeding area.

The tour ends in the tasting room where you can try all products. The wines are specially paired with food. On request, it would be possible to have a light lunch or picnic.

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on request                                                                                                       € 20,-
including transport and guide (min. 2ppl)         € 80,-

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