Calabria is framed by the region of Basilicata to the north, the Tyrrhenian Sea to the west, and the Ionian Sea to the south and east. The coastline is over 780 km. The Strait of Messina separates Calabria from the island of Sicily.

Calabria is almost entirely covered by mountain ranges. In the south is the Aspromonte with the Montalto (1955 m). The mountains of the Sila and the Serre follow and in the north the massif of the Pollino with the highest mountain in the region, the Serra Dolcedorme (2267 m).

Calabria is crossed by numerous rivers, which, however, have no water in the summer months. The longest river is the Crati, which is the only one that has water all year round. The largest lakes include the Lago di Cecita, Lago Arvo, and Lago Ampollino reservoirs.

The Pollino massif

Pizzo Calabro

"Costa degli Dei"


Capo Vaticano

"Costa Viola"



Rossano and Corigliano Calabro



Locri and Gerace

Reggio Calabria